NAIROBI, Kenya-The clash between NASA’s lead counsel, Senator James Orengo, and opposing government lawyers, has revealed how nerve wracking it is to manipulate technology and steal elections. Let us explain.

Government lawyers yesterday, in a landmark Supreme Court case challenging president Kenyatta’s election victory,stated that they will not “help” Mr. Orengo to “build his case” by giving him access to the electoral commission’s servers, which contains actual information transmitted from the polling stations and constituencies.

Mr. Orengo, a seasoned layer and experienced politician, explained that accessing election results on the IEBC servers, is a right provided for in the nation’s constitution, and must be open to the public.

What is the IEBC and the government hiding? What are they afraid of?

The truth is that such information would have to be consistent with physical forms 34As and 34Bs, on which the electoral commission relied, in accordance with the constitution and relevant provisions of the election Act, to come up with the presidential election results it announced to the nation on August 11, 2017.

The crux of the matter, which appears to have sent cold shivers down the spine of the government, is that the IEBC will have to give access to its servers to NASA, for comparison with the physical forms identified, and which they were willing to provide.

Looking at the body language of Mr. Paul Muite, Ahmed Nasir Abdulahi, Fred Ngatia, and other government lawyers in real time, was very revealing.

Like a laser beam, NASA’s lead counsel, Mr. James Orengo, mounted the most severe legal assault on his seemingly helpless opponents, using specific clauses of the national constitution, and provisions of the elections Act.

How much time will it take, who will need access to the IEBC servers, how will the information so obtained be provided to the courts, and so on and so forth, were the issues the court raised.

Government lawyers, probably hoping for a denial of scrutiny of IEBC servers, based on time constraints, were perplexed to hear NASA’s lead counsel, MR. Orengo, tell the court that it will take less time than it took in 2013, when the election was based on a manual system.

And yet “this court had no problem” giving the time for manual voter registers, ballots, and other documents, to be brought to be scrutinized.

What is the bottom line?

The bottom line is that the IEBC and the government, and their collective duplicity, lack of integrity, was exposed under the glare of national television, for the entire nation and the world to see.

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