NAIROBI, Kenya-Yes, a fresh election! This must follow another annulment of President Kenyatta’s “election” on October 26, 2017 by the Supreme Court.

The election on the identified date would have been canceled if the Supreme Court session scheduled for October 25, 2017, was not aborted due to a lack of quorum manufactured by the government.

Everyone knew Justice Mohamed Ibrahim had been out sick since August, and did not participate in the full hearing of the election petition filed by PM Raila Odinga, which lead to the September 1, 2017 annulment of Mr. Kenyatta’s election on August 8, 2017.

However, the other justices of the Supreme Court, except for the Chief Justice Mr. David Maraga and Justice Isaac Lenaola-who were present, had no real excuses.

It is understandable that Deputy Chief Justice, Ms. Philomena Mwilu, was too scared to attend after her official vehicle was sprayed with gunshots, which fatally wounded her driver.

Let us be very clear.

The government, two days ahead of the election scheduled for October 26, arbitrarily declared October 25, 2017 a national holiday.

Such a holiday was nonexistent until then.

The holiday was put in place by the Kenyatta-Ruto regime, knowing full well that a case filed by civil rights activist, Mr. Okiya OmtatahMR. OKIYA OMTATAH, seeking to prevent the lection from happening, was scheduled to be heard under a certificate of urgency, according to Chief Justice of the apex court.

Chief Justice David Maraga decided that the case will be heard, notwithstanding the government imposed national holiday.

The evening before the hearing, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu’s driver was fatally shot after dropping her off at her house.

Therefore, she was too terrified to attend the court hearing.

The next morning, Chief justice David Maraga found himself without a quorum; only one Justice, Mr. Isaac Lenaola, was at hand.

It appears the government had once again sabotaged an effort to prevent a sham election from occurring, by putting fear in the judiciary.

Barely two months earlier, an ICT expert, Mr. Chris Msando, was murdered under questionable circumstances, just over a week before the August 8, 2017, election, which was annulled by the Supreme Court due to irregularities and illegalities.

What do these incidents have to do with the subject under discussion, namely, a free, fair, credible, and verifiable election in Kenya in ninety days?

The short answer is, everything.

What about the long answer?

To answer that question, let us first state that Kenyans are determined to get it right once and for all this time.

There is no effective and lasting solution to the question of sham elections in Kenya that can evade a discussion of integrity, arrogance, and abuse of the powers of the presidency. Why?

If a presidential candidate can take away his opponent’s security detail, kill and maim their supporters with police, raid the same with flying squad and the nation’s paramilitary, is that a level playing field? No, it is not.

So what must be done?

The immediate, short term goal should be to deal with the problem of illegitimate occupancy of Statehouse by its current tenants, who have turned into a rogue regime.

This must be accomplished over the next 90 days.

President Kenyatta, and his Deputy, William Ruto, must vacate office following an order by the Supreme Court, and be replaced by a caretaker government until a new president is properly elected and sworn in.

The country has been held hostage by these two individuals, who have remained in office, and are using the police and other security apparatus to manipulate the electoral process and terrorize opponents.

The duo has maintained a stranglehold on the nation’s electoral body, the IEBC, and used the police to threaten opponents and their supporters.

It is difficult to negotiate with the Kenyatta-Ruto regime over reforms in any significant way, while they are in office.

If these two individuals continue to wield the power of incumbency, there will never be free and fair elections.

We are saying the nation is doomed, and a section of it will secede.

We are suggesting, as a permanent solution to this perennial crisis, a constitutional amendment.

That amendment would entrench a twelve-month transition period, during which a caretake government would serve to prevent abuse of the powers of incumbency.

Let us repeat.

After very election cycle, we are suggesting that a provision be put in the Kenya Constitution, stipulating that a full year of transition be put in place to enable an independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to organize and conduct elections, free from interference and manipulation by the executive.

As we speak, the Jubilee regime has started a train that is expected to move beyond 2022.

How can Mr. Kenyatta guarantee his deputy the nation’s presidency if election, as they claim, is the constitutional way to enter Statehouse?

The only way this can be possible is if the people’s votes do not matter, and election outcomes are predetermined by a sitting president who has unlimited ability to abuse the powers of his office.

The dictatorial mannerisms that are routinely displayed by both the president and his deputy, but especially the latter, are based on the powers of incumbency.

For Kenya to have peace during election time, a constitutional amendment must be made to state that a sitting president must vacate office a year before a new president is elected and sworn in.

We want people to get this.

No candidate for the nation’s presidency should be occupying, or entertaining guests at Statehouse, while campaigning to enter it. Period!

When this happens it will truly be a level playing field.

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