MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota-In a key note address to Kenyans residing in the twin cities region, USA, Kisumu Governor, who is the father of renowned actress Lupita Nyongo, on October 1, 2017, challenged Kenyans in the diaspora to come out in front of the fight to save democracy in Kenya.

Professor Anyang Nyongo took the gathering through a litany of liberation struggles Kenya has experienced over the past five decades, but particularly the last two, to increase democratic space in the country, and the cost of doing so.

This includes dying. The Kisumu County Governor cited IT expert, Chris Msando, who was killed a week before elections.

The Governor, who has been in public service through at least half of the identified period, pointed out that efforts to stop President Kenyatta and his deputy from reversing the gains that have been made over the years, will be replicated elsewhere on a continent whose leaders have never given up trying to turn back the clock.

He cited South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda, as examples which Kenyans cannot allow its leaders to emulate.

Ugandans have recently been treated to actual fist fights in parliament as president Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986, tries to constitutionally remove age limit.

Twelve years ago, in 2005, Uganda’s parliament overwhelmingly backed the removal of presidential term limits, which had been the constutional provision since 1996.

This, critics said, was a plot to install president Yoweri Museveni for life.


However, Mr. Museveni, 73, forgot that removal of term limits would not solve the age limit according to Uganda’s constitution in place since 1966.

Therefore, things have come to ahead today, and Mr. Museveni will be ineligible, at age 77, to stand by 2022 when next polls are held.

Under Uganda’s current laws, a person above the age of 75 cannot vie for the office of president.

Museveni, a former soldier, has been democratic president of the country for over three decades.

In Kenya, the politics of age has surfaced recently to stop PM Raila Odinga, 72, from running for president.

The argument has been that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must retire at age 70, and so should be the president.

Our position is that term limits should be sufficient.

Changing the constitution to suit the needs of individuals without any benefit to the larger society and the needs of the country, is juvenile.

A stable constitution is a symbol of a stable country.

A stable constitution takes time and deep thought to develop.

A stable constitution represents the work of selfless, patriotic, long term thinkers.

A constitution based on the identified philosophies outlasts its framers, and benefits posterity.

The United States constitution has been amended only 27 times, ten of which were the original bill of rights, in the nation’s 241-year history.

All amendments have been to create a more perfect union, rather than to decrease the democratic space.

We believe this was the thrust of Governor Nyongo’s message to Kenyans in the USA.

And based on the involvement of the nation’s diaspora in the electoral process currently, we believe they are determined to pay any price to stop those who would take the country backwards.

And it appears there is international support, and Kenyans are equal to the task today.

Kenyans have specialized training in various academic and professional disciplines, including technology, to detect, report and catch cyber criminals.

Many of them have the will to fight for peace, justice, freedom, and democracy.

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