President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta

NAIROBI, Kenya-The Kenyatta-Ruto regime is fast sliding back to full-fledged authoritarian rule.

Incidents of government unlawful raids of private property; stifling of the press and media freedom; unilateral changes of election laws; usurpation of independence of independent institutions; intimidation of the judiciary; and now abridging freedoms of assembly and association.

Although the regime was shaking in its boots because the leader of opposition was sworn in as “The People’s President” on January 30, 2018, it is now starting to intimidate and arrest soft targets as an afterthought.

Through Fred Matian’gi, the Interior Cabinet Secretary, the government has now regained consciousness and realized what just happened.

The People’s President, Raila Amollo Odinga, has been sworn in!

It is too late. The people have crossed the Rubicon and entered the promised land.

The event at Uhuru Park, which occurred despite directives from the Inspector General of Police that the venue was a “no go” zone, exposed to the world massive support The People’s President enjoys throughout Kenya.

We mean to say the gathering at Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018, was a mammoth.

It would have been a blood bath had the police insisted on a confrontation by attempting to stop the event.

It also exposed Mr. Kenyatta’s unpopular regime, which has imposed itself on the people, despite claims to the contrary. How?

The swearing-in ceremony of The People’s President, attended by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country, was virtually flawless.

It lifted the curtain and exposed perennial lies peddled by the government that Mr. Odinga’s supporters are violent, lawless looters.

But what was the biggest accomplishment?

Before we answer that question, we would like to point out some behaviors of the government that speak volumes.
Let us start with the media blackout.

Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto summoned leaders of the media to State House, ahead of the Uhuru Park event, and warned them not to provide live broadcasting of Mr. Odinga taking oath of office, or else their license would be withdrawn.

The Communications authority of Kenya actually switched off live coverage and has not turned it back on two days later.

So, what happened to the “inconsequential” nonsense about the ceremony?

The MP for Ruaraka, Hon. TJ Kajwang, was immediately arrested by the so-called flying squad, because of his involvement in the oath –taking.

The government, through Mr. Matian’gi, has outlawed the NRM, a protest wing of the NASA coalition, calling it an illegal outfit bent on overthrowing it.

Again, what happened to the “inconsequential” label on the swearing-in event?

Mr. Matian’gi further vowed to prosecute all those who participated in the swearing- in ceremony.

We believe the regime is scared to death of the massive following Mr. Odinga enjoys throughout Kenya.

Therefore, the government has shown paranoia over three events that would demonstrate Mr. Odinga’s massive following, starting with the man’s return from the USA on November 17, 2017; his postponed swearing-in scheduled for Madaraka Day, on December 12, 2017; and now the media blackout because of the swearing-in event at Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018.

There are two things we wish to let the Kenyatta regime know.

Your reign is ended. The writing is on the wall.

First, if the sea of humanity at Uhuru Park, which beats your inauguration and Madaraka day crowds at Kasarani combined, and many times over, does not make sense to you, nothing else will.

Second, the People’s Assemblies, and now the swearing in of their President, must remove all doubt that any attempt to crack down on their leaders will plunge Kenya into a revolution in which you do not have a chance.

Delivering that message was the biggest accomplishment of the swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru Park! Period.

What are we saying?

We are saying that your “Police Force” did well to stay away from the swearing in, and there was peace.

To begin to clamp down after the fact is like a dog eating its own poop.

Our humble, but accurate, opinion is, do not mess things up.

If you and your regime would remain peaceful, Kenyans will as well.

However, if you provoke Kenyans, they will show you a thing or two, sooner rather than later.

It behooves you, Mr. Kenyatta, to rethink what David Murathe is telling you. He may be the most toxic advisor that ever lived.

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