NAIROBI, Kenya-Mr. Kenyatta, after his inauguration, must move quickly and shut down mindless bravado currently being displayed by his handlers and surrogates.

The time for teasing and bullying-like behaviors, by the president, his Deputy, or anyone else, is over.

If Mr. Kenyatta is sincere and serious about healing and unifying Kenya, he must hit the ground running, after inauguration on November 28, 2017.

As the president will quickly find out-if he hasn’t yet- the Supreme Court decision to uphold the October 26, 2017 fresh election “victory”, is hardly a panacea for the national rebellion that has been brewing against him for quite some time.

As others have pointed out elsewhere, the problem may have been easier if the president lost the court case.

It will take wisdom, patience, humility, discipline, and integrity. There is no other way we can put it.

When you enter public office without the consent of at least sixty percent of the governed, you have a problem.

You have no use for bomb throwers and rabble rousers, such as was witnessed on the floor of the Supreme Court hearings which culminated in the top court upholding the October 26, 2017 presidential election.

The biggest bomb thrower in the court room is, of course, Mr. Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

The president’s top attorney reduced the presidential election petition to a meaningless exercise, whose authors were simply national irritants engaged in academic debates and arguments.

Mr. Abdullahi further likened the petitions against Mr. Kenyatta’s election to proposals for donor funding, and engaging in a game of chance.

The president’s attorney has a history of emotion regulation issues while arguing cases in the courtroom.

The fact is, a presidential election dispute is hardly a child’s play.

Mr. Kenyatta and his Deputy were hurled into an International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity charges, following the disputed election in 2007.

Is going to The Hague to defend oneself against charges of crimes against humanity simply an academic exercise?

Mr. Kenyatta and William Ruto, if Mr. Ahmednasir would like to know, are authorities on that subject.

We would like to suggest that the political rebellion against Mr. Kenyatta in Kenya today is not an academic exercise.

There is no way it is.

Mr. Ahmednasir is, of course, entitled to his own opinion.

Other Jubilee bomb throwers, besides Mr. Ahmednasir, are Aden Duale and Kipchumba arap Murkomen.

These individuals are making Mr. Kenyatta’s hope to unify Kenya harder than they can believe.

As soon as the camera starts rolling, out comes the most bellicose, ethnically inflammatory, rhetoric from these individuals.

We have selected just one example here.

Mr. Kenyatta already has a very difficult time dealing with a nation that is not divided down the middle; close to seventy percent is not with him.

The president will need to work miracles to turn things around.

Having surrogates who may need a check-up from the neck up, will not help.

What are we saying?

We are saying the president, to make a break through, will have to break with the identified individuals, and others like them.

Mr. Kenyatta, under the highly volatile political situation in Kenya today, has no choice but to put a gag order on some people.

A good place to start is with his Deputy, Mr. William Ruto, the senate majority leader, Mr. Arap Murkomen, and the house majority leader, Mr. Aden Duale.

Lately, there has been a relatively inexperienced, but very vocal young Nandi senator, Mr.Kiprotich Cherargey.

He is fast becoming the poster boy for loose talk.

These individuals have demonstrated lower than elementary understanding of the rudiments of conflict resolution.

For these people, and others like them, it may be better to keep quiet rather than open their mouths constantly, and remove all doubt about their understanding of what needs to be done to unify Kenya and heal the nation.

Kenya is on the verge of splitting, and the identified individuals continue to make jokes about the situation.

An immediate gag order by the president on October 28, 2017, except for measured, constructive dialogue, is dynamite.

It may be the miracle he needs to unify the country.

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