WASHINGTON, DC-Eleven Western envoys, in a statement delivered to the media in Kenya, leveled several accusations on both the Keyatta-Ruto regime, and the People’s President, Mr. Raila Odinga.

In the referenced statement, three things stand out.

First, the envoys have accused Mr. Odinga of making “unsubstantiated claims about elections” and “unilaterally” swearing himself as “President.”

These envoys, almost word for word, have stated what Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto have been telling NASA NRM for several months.

What do they mean by unsubstantiated claims? Who should NASA substantiate the results to? The jubilee fraudsters or foreign diplomats?

Conspicuously lacking in the envoys’ statement is the guts to confront the IEBC’s blatant refusal to comply with the law and open their servers for scrutiny.

The Supreme Court of Kenya ordered the IEBC to open their servers following the disputed August 8, 2017 presidential elections, almost six months ago, and they have refused.

If these envoys are serious and honest friends of Kenya, as they claim to be, they should have specifically pointed out in their statement the issue of what is on the IEBC servers, which must be interrogated and resolved once and for all.

Refusal to comply with a court order cannot be tolerated in the countries these envoys come from.

Ambassador Godec must know that his boss, Mr. Trump, will not be spared by the Mueller investigation if illegalities are found in the president’s behavior before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election in the USA.

Accusing Mr. Odinga of “unsubstantiated claims about elections” instead of confronting the government’s cannibalization of democratic and independent institutions is duplicity, perhaps complicity with the fraudsters, and calls the envoys’ credibility into question.

If the IEBC was willing to quickly open their servers for public scrutiny, following the “election” that occurred on October 26, 2017, which the envoys have roundly endorsed, why can’t they do the same for August 8, 2017?

We want to believe that the envoys did not avoid the IEBC server question for political expediency.

We know, however, that the Kenyatta regime would not touch it with a ten-foot pole because therein lies their top secret.

Secondly, the envoys insist that NASA “must accept the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the election of October 26”, and that “Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are the legitimate President and Deputy President of Kenya.”

On this position taken by the envoys, led by ambassador Godec, we have this to say.

There is a reason at least two thirds of the country, which is a conservative estimate, refused to return to the ballot on October 26, 2017, despite a massive, all out campaigns by Jubilee.

The nation is tired of their votes being minimized and made to mean nothing.

Regardless of the bill of goods Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto have sold to the envoys, which they have bought, hook, line and sinker, Kenyans are not moving on this time.

Like other democracies, this is a battle Kenyans are willing to fight until they win, and they will do so if it takes a lifetime.

The Kenyatta-Ruto regime was sworn in and is legally in office.

However, the governed have refused to recognize them. They also resent anyone telling them to accept and move on.

Burning the American flag in the streets recently must show ambassador Godec that the generally friendly, and peaceful, Kenyans have reached the final stage of indignation.

Which leads us to the third and last point the envoys tried to make.

This is about dialogue between NASA NRM and the government.

The envoys have stated that accepting Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto is a must, as a basis for dialogue, which many Kenyans want.

Let us put it in as simple a manner as we can. Dialogue will not happen.

Kenyans inside the country and outside, do not want dialogue if it must be based on accepting Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto.

A large segment of the nation, from several ethnic communities, not just the Luo, resoundingly rejected Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto on August 8, 2017, based on the information on the IEBC servers which the government is sitting on. Why?

Because Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto represent an authoritarian past that Kenyans, like other democracies the envoys come from, have decided to put behind them for good.

As NASA NRM has pointed out repeatedly, the only way dialogue can occur is if Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto change their politics; admit to manipulating the IEBC, stealing the votes, and agree to go back to the ballot on an even playing field.

All evidence points to the fact that this will not happen, as Mr. Ruto, the man who is in fact running Kenya, is already planning for his coronation in 2022.

So, what must be done?

Eliminating Raila, for those who have dreamed of it, like Moses Kuria, will be catastrophic for Kenya.

It appears that all Kenyans and their friends must pray for a miracle.

Because secession is increasingly becoming inevitable, and closer to reality than some people can believe.

Whether it will be peaceful or bloody, remains to be seen.

We want to conclude our remarks with the following observations.

Mr. Kenyatta and President Trump seem to have many things in common.

Both are fabulously wealthy; have strikingly similar personalities; but are shaping up to be conduits of creeping authoritarianism around the world.

Russia’s “meddling” in the United States presidential election in 2016, which led to Mr. Trump, arguably the most flawed individual ever to occupy the White House, shows that Vladimir Putin may have found the man to use in his efforts to dismantle the world’s greatest model of constitutional democracy.

However, strong institutions, including a vibrant, free press; rock solid judiciary; a strong legislature, especially the democratic minority, together with American citizens, will beat Putin hands down.

On the other hand, Mr. Kenyatta’s Jubilee has publicly stated that the Communist Party of China is the model of how to run a political party and will be training their people.

Ambassador Godec, who seems to be reading from the same script as his boss, conveniently neglected to comment about the partnership between Jubilee and the Chi cons in his press statement.

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