NAIROBI, Kenya-The short answer is, because Mr. Kenyatta’s people tell him they are entitled to the nation’s leadership; it belongs to them.

It is also because Mr. Kenyatta’s Deputy, William Ruto, does not see another way to State House in 2022 if his boss fails to make it there.

CJ. DAVID MARAGADP. WILLIAM RUTOThe president’s birthday, which happens to be on October 26, has thrown another sentimental wrench in the works.

But what drives Kenyans to subvert this “election” more than all the previous ones that have slipped away under the same circumstances?

There are two specific reasons.

First, Kenyans do not want Mr. Ruto in State House in 2022.

He has, inadvertently, revealed the dictator in him during public rallies with Mr. Kenyatta, and scared people away.

Secondly, Mr. Kenyatta’s victory in this election would mean the nation has resigned itself to perpetual impunity, arrogance, dictatorship, of which Mr. Ruto has shown himself to be the poster boy.

And Kenyans are saying no, no, never!

By himself, Mr. Ruto has never polled more than five percent in national opinion polls as a possible president.

Therefore, he must push with all his energies for Mr. Kenyatta to “win”, for him to sneak into State House under his boss’s coattail.

Any astute political observer can see how Mr. Ruto, behind the scenes, seems to be calling the shots.

He has learned how to manipulate the IEBC, and use state power to beat down dissenting voices.

Mr. Ruto has also planted his people in key positions, and will need to master the identified skills while hiding under his boss’s coattail until 2022.

We are saying that this election is a multifaceted battle for the soul of the Kenyan nation.

It is a battle for Central Kenya people to control the presidency.

It is a battle for Mr. Ruto to ascend to power in five years.

If Mr. Kenyatta loses the self-styled former poultry famer does not have a chance.

More importantly, this is a battle for the Kenyan people to once and for all, slay the dragon of impunity; eliminate a mindset of entitlement to the nation’s presidency; and end authoritarianism in Kenya.

The people of Kenya must irrevocably replace the identified attitudes and philosophies with freedom, equality, justice, and the rule of law. Forever!

In a nutshell, that is the Armageddon in Kenya today.

The nation’s judiciary has demonstrably assumed its true role and function in checking executive overreach and establishing the rule of law in Kenya.

A huge segment of the nation’s population, well informed and hungry for freedom, is determined to clean house, and is providing rock solid support for the Judiciary.

The executive branch of the Kenya government is today the most stubborn, the single biggest threat to peace and democracy in the country.

Let us offer a piece of unsolicited advice to Mr. Ruto and his boss, Mr. Kenyatta.
Give up. Give in. This is a battle you cannot win.

You had the election nullified on September 1, 2017.

You lost the battle to arm-twist the Supreme Court, through the IEBC, to interpret the law in your favor by allowing Mr. Chebukati to alter election results from the constituency tallying centers.

You also lost the case to compel PM Raila Odinga to be on the ballot against his will!
We have said this before and we will say it gain.

God loves the people of Kenya, which includes you, Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto.

That is why He is doing the things He is doing.

That is why God will not let Kenya split.

Let us say it in plain English.

This Wednesday, October 25, 2017, the Supreme Court of Kenya will order that the elections are postponed, and a fresh poll is scheduled within ninety days.

The Speaker of the House of Parliament will act as president, pending the election so ordered.

This means you, Mr. Kenyatta and your deputy, cease forthwith to be President and Deputy President with immediate effect.

Which means you, Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto, will not have state powers that you have been using to cause all the chaos in the country.

It is under such circumstances that you can prove that you are genuinely popular, and can win a free, fair, credible, and verifiable election.

We believe peace will return to the Kenya, almost immediately this occurs.

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